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Thank you for supporting me at Skincare Maui. You have many businesses to go to, but you come to me. I am grateful for your loyalty and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
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What a joy to see my clients grow up.
Diminish the look of puffiness, dark circles and effects of glycation.
I’m happy I get to serve my community. Thank you for trusting in me.

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Dermaplaning? Do you have peach fuzz? Want smoother skin? Want makeup to look bettter? Book a dermaplaning facial.
Text me 808 463-4970.
What are your beauty needs?
Relaxing Facial?
Skin Rejuvenation?
Let me know....
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I’m always keeping up with the skincare industry, so I can better serve you.
Come in for a facial. Your selfies will be better.
A happy client = a happy esthetician. I love what I do.
Just like brushing your teeth, what you do daily with your skin matters. Your homecare is just as important as your facials.
Men need brow clean up too.
Isn’t this true?

If you have questions, message me.
Have a great day.

Signs of Early Aging? Are you seeing signs of early aging?
Got questions about your skin?
You’ve got it! Brighter More Radiance A must have in your skincare routine.
Busy today Gerri students ready for back to school.
Do you have pandemic acne?
🌟Wash your pillowcases and facial towels regularly.⁣

🌟Use headphones when on your cell phone to avoid touching the screen to your face.⁣

🌟Keep your routine simple and use multitasking products.⁣

Double cleanse at night to remove surface impurities and bacteria.⁣

🌟Avoid popping your whiteheads, as it can result in a scar or encourage the breakout to spread.
Message or text if you have questions or would like to better your skin.
Do you have a daughter who needs guidance with their brows? Education is the key so that they don’t over tweeze. I like to keep their brows natural, full but clean look.
[06/20/20]   At Skincare Maui, your temperature is taken. You will be asked to wash your hands before entering treatment room. After checkout and before leaving, you will be asked to wash your hands again.
Doing everything to prevent the spread of the virus.
Specializing in Brazilian waxing, book your appointment today.
What are you doing to feed your soul?
Towels are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. They can quickly become full of nasty things.⁣

If you have acne, try paper towels instead of regular towels to dry your face so you don’t spread bacteria, and throw out the paper towel when you are finished. ⁣

When it comes time to dry your skin, don’t reach for the towel you used the rest of your body after a shower. The towels are full of germs, mold and mildew. It can also contain trades of other products. These products can irritate your skin. ⁣

Have questions, DM/text me. Have a beautiful day. ⁣
When you return to receiving your services at Skincare Maui, rest assured that I am committed to keeping a clean and safe office. I have obtained specialized training on the topic of COVID-19 prevention.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
First of all I want to thank you for all of your love and support throughout the years. I appreciate that you have chosen me to do your beauty needs. I hope that your families are well and that you are doing wonderful in these uncertain times. ⁣ ⁣

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am preparing for a re-OPENING! I am dedicated to your safety as a guest and our communities at large. That being said, I have taken extra certifications during this time on safety and sanitation to ensure best practices. ⁣
My commitment to YOU, and our COMMUNITY’s health is why I have adhered to the regulations set before us. Although I know that it has been tough not to have your esthetics services done, I appreciate your understanding with me. As soon as I have a date and receive guidelines, I will notify you and get you scheduled to experience what you have come to love. There will be adjustments. Please wear a mask. Stay in your car until I text you to come in. ⁣. There will be no one in the waiting area. ⁣
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon. ⁣

Committed to keeping you safe at Skincare Maui.

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