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December appointments are closed. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am taking appointments starting Jan 9, 2021.
Update as if 12/[email protected]:15pm❤️

I am booking for next year Jan 2021. 1/15/21 will keep you posted if I am taking new clients! Just giving a heads up. Please book now or message me for more info. Thank you!
Happy Black Friday! Limited spots available. For any appointments already made by December 31, discount can be used as long as paid by Monday, 11/30. I will be closing my availability for NEW clients by the end of January 2021, until further notice. This is my last special 🤙 Please message me for more info! Check out & follow @beautybyleilanigsantiago
Fall through Winter Special till 12/7

Don’t miss out on your included haircut in this color special! 4 spots left by 12/7.

Something about 117, you think? LOL. Ask me & ill definitely lay out the history to ya! Plan a special pamper me up day for you, November 7- December 7. Hair coloring with a included haircut & my Eyelash Extensions on special too? You’ll definitely be feeling the same way I am——ending this crazy year of 2020! Oh yes, you deserve it! #memoryofmyherbalifejourney 😆😂🤪❤️
You only live once! YOLO🙏🏻🙌

Please message me if you have any questions. I will update by Friday, 1/15/21 if I will be taking new clients, meaning if you have already come to see me before, you are safe with me🙃 December books are half way booked through! 2020 is almost over!🙏🏻 Have a blessed day.
Blue highlights & men’s clean-up💙Thanks @monselove11
Fresh cut🙏🏻🥰
Please message me if you have any questions! I do have a waiting list for the next available openings to fill. Let me know if you want to get on that list or book a appointment. I will post if anything opens up in my story.

“Stay positive & everything will fall in place”🙏🏻
MAZELEE Time to wash these curly kids natural hair! We show you from start to finish how we manage our kids hair. We started around 3pm and ended at 8pm. But the little kids hair still didn’t get done. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Joe Lee and Alena Maze, a married couple with a blended family of seven children, Amyah, Akyli, Azaio, Arazo, Ajedi, Ajoui, and the new baby, document their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. While revealing the dynamics of a blended family, the couple expresses their struggles, successes, and failures through film.

Joe Lee | Director of Photography & Street photographer
Alena Maze | Director & Mathematician

Business Inquires Only: [email protected]

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I just had to🤪😂
6 school photo haircuts out of the 10 haircuts today plus a women’s color. These boys are ready for their photos! 🤓 Thank you @acaciaamano , @mama_tee_ , @dezmoments , @3rikka57 , and @_mrsred for bringing your boys! I had my fix today haha!
To the busiest lady I know that does it all, thank you for always supporting me💕 Hope you enjoyed your “self care” time because you deserve every minute it. Hope you are enjoying your relaxing staycation for your husband’s birthday!
Happiness is Mother & Daughter Time❤️

Jhenn & Zaybree: @jhennxoxo @torricerfilart
Vange & Taylor: @dar_n_vange

Maui Cheer Allstars, formal cheerleaders. I got to do their hair for competition and now their mom’s hair too. These ladies are 2 out of 6 mommy/daughters that have supported me with the team. Even @marevalen the most🙏🏻💕#beautybyleilani was #teammom #coach I’m blessed. Thank you ❤️🤙
Because Men need self-care too! @sh*tzsulover I got 2 chairs filled and I had another male come in for haircut and blonde color after this. Working with 3 men for haircuts and haircolor, haircolor & blonde tips, and blonde all over 12:40-4:15pm 🤣😂 It was just a different view for me. Soon everyone will be back to work so it don’t matter who needs to get done! Lol. Stay pretty like these men☺️🤓
The only thing that’s getting between him and that game! Me annoying him as I take pictures of his haircut I did earlier. LOL. My dad’s haircut is soon! #myannnoying #freshfadesforever
Please message me or text (808) 280-5522 for more info.
#beautybyleilani #stayblessed
Just in my feelings at the moment because I truly have amazing clients🙌 Yes, tomorrow is my Monday!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius once said.
#inthemoment #beautybyleilani
The new normal😷

Thank you for understanding🙏🏻🙌
She got the Lashes & Hair by yours truly. Thank you Erika💕 #megavolumelashes #colorandhighlights
Sister-in-Law’s fill this morning & a baby dose of my niece, Presley who just made a month old! 💕 @chanoelani
8 years and counting💕
Thank you.🇺🇸
Salamat. 🇵🇭
Thank you everyone for your support. Everyone that showed up on time, respected my boundaries, made me feel good, got me excited to do my work. (Quote from a post I put on my story🙂.) Friends that turned into family and family that never left my side. I appreciate you all! #beautybyleilani #updatedpolicy #electronicwaivers #temperaturechecks #consistency #respect
We all need a little lift these days. Come get your beauty nap with me now through the end of the month! Offer includes my 1- week policy/free fill and a after-care lash bag. Message me for more info! Stay tuned for more specials 🤙
One of those days that remind you of certain people that left the world physically and those who are still here. My grandmother’s, step-mom, my great-grandma Grace🥰 I never got the chance to cut my grandma Enriqueta’s hair, but I got this grandma still and I’m now officially her stylist 🤍
1st place: $100 🤍 @tasha96761
2nd place: $50 🤍 @sefo_n_sela
& @_mrsred with 25 entries & @puyeda13 with 24 entries—- Thank you for being my top entry submitters!
Thank you parents for all that you do for your children! Don’t forget our teachers who worked so hard for the distance learning to happen! And don’t forget our parents... lol...

Have a great weekend!😘
“I am beautiful. Everybody is beautiful...especially others who dosen’t even have any hair.”- My 5 year old daughter, Deisha and Daddy with their first video submission on Seesaw for school. I was literally laughing so hard at work when I watch this the first time😂
It’s definitely is something else when family always support you. After all, cosmetology runs in my blood! Both my grandmas were beauticians🥰 Meet my moms sister, Marilou. Thanks Aunty and uncle for coming! Love you guys😘 @jackjustinegando1
Balayage ombre🤍 Thanks @tasha96761 #loveyourself #treatyourself #studentmommy #mommytime #storytime😁
One of my longest time clients who first started with me in Wailuku about 7 years ago and followed me to Lahaina 💙🤍 Thank you Micheal for your loyalty and friendship! #menshaircut #browwax
Balayage Ombre for this twin-toddler mommy. Self love is all you need to get by now a days! Thanks Maryben🤍
Repost: 100% Distance learning to start! Oh you know that #momlife & still working full time. I choose my hours lol. Message me for more info. I’m thinking I might speed up the giveaway deadline!? What you think? Stay tuned for that and for the top 4 services to be discounted. It will be on my story and first to claim will receive that price! 😝 Good luck to everyone when we most need it lol. 🤍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Silver/Gray Balayage. Self love for my good friend, @kelcykelsss... always a good time and laughs💜 Love you!
Where is it happening!? Head over to Instagram! Follow📷(beautybyleilanigsantiago) Get your deals by #beautybyleilani
Don’t forget! 10 more days till discount ends💚 Message me for more info or prices. You can book with link in my Bio.
Instagram ONLY: Don’t forget to enter #beautybyleilani ‘s Parent’s Back-To-School Giveaway! Your chance to win $100 or $50 gift certificate with my services. Look in old post on rules. You can enter 2 times per day. Good Luck💛
Blue balayage like in Descendants 2, Evie's hair💙 Thank you @rochelleannbumagat for bringing your daughter! Hope she had a blast with Aunty Lani😂😘🤓

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