Maui Beach Braids & Airbrush Tattoos

Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina, HI, 96761

Maui Beach Braids & Airbrush Tattoos

Lower Honoapiilani Road

Lahaina, HI, 96761

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Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui 😍 We're honored to be named #6 "Best Hawai'i Resorts" by Travel + Leisure's 2020 World's Best Awards. A heartfelt mahalo to all of our fans for sharing your travel experiences and voting for us.
Hanging out with #lilyachty , I love doing fun hairstyles. Come get yours done!!!! #mauibraids #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani @ Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui
The beautiful hair I get to work with!😍#mauibeachbraids @ Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui
Matching tattoo and stuffed animal. This little boy melted my hearth this morning. #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
Oceanfront airbrush tattoo’s for this Four Seasons 🎉party! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #envisionsentertainment
Fire 🔥 Airbrush tattoo for this little drummer! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani #druminthesun
Cool dads get cornrows too!
4th of July party just started!!! Food, bar, braids, tattoos and MUSIC #howardahia #fairmontkealani #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
Thanks for stopping in this year! Hope to see you next year again🥰
Painting mermaids all day!
We are open for summer!!
Another fun party!
Organic Gardening 🍦 Perhaps the best bananas in the world, “ice cream bananas” melt in your mouth and taste like vanilla… AND they can be grown in colder climates across much of the United States!
The works for this dude! 😍
Dying Easter eggs!! Happy Easter Eve! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani
Mommy and daughter braid date! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani
Cotton candy #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
A girl needs her Barbie done up too! ❤️ So sweet!! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
Style master!#mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
These boys got tats yesterday and they are so excited to show me there balloons they got today. #lovethekidos #revisit #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
Mermaids make me happy! 🧜‍♀️ Come swim with her at the #fairmontkealani pool this morning. #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
Rows for this Maui local today! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani
Sharks on the shirt, shorts and arm. These brothers love sharks 🦈
This 2 year old was a joy to braid❤️ ❤️#fairmontkealani #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
This happy princess got 2 braids and a little mermaid balloon in one stop, on her way to the pool now! #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #fairmontkealani
Hula lessons!
46 braids for this little one! #fairmontkealani #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
This little boy is excited about his turtles. 🤙🥰#fairmontkealani #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos
This little boys is so excited about his turtles. 🥰#fairmontkealani
This cool guy 😎
Flower power🥰
This little mermaid loves hello kitty! #mauiairbrushtattos
Open at the Fairmont for spring break. Now until Easter Day!! To all my regulars see you guys soon🥰#mauihairbraiding #mauibeachbraidsandairbrushtattoos #mauibeachbraids

Maui Beach Braids & Airbrush Tattoos

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