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Love your hair
Silver hair by Teresa
Balayage and Toning

Bravo Special
Heather hair from Olaplex
Hair by Teresa
Hair by Teresa
Bravo Salon Mililani 488-8833
Balayage with toning

Balayage and highlights
Get lightning with F18

Mother’s Day is coming! Give them something they love. Call us today! 808-488-8833
Balayage by Teresa
My client want her balayage look natural
Balayage by Teresa
Balayage by Teresa
Turn red hair to rose gold.

Happy New Year! Hair by Teresa
Hair by Teresa
Call 808-488-8833 Pearl City or Mililani
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Book you holiday hair appointment today
Get layer
Hair by Teresa
Lighter is better for your holidays! 🍾🍻🛍🎁
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Olaplex in Bravo Salon Hawaii
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